Pricing is a hard subject because weddings are expensive and photography isn't cheap. 
I've tried charging bottom-end rates to increase volume and it's a nightmare - it feels like I can't spend enough time on each couple, I have to edit too fast and standards slip. 
Now I'm trying to charge a reasonable rate for the work involved.  Of course, your version of what's reasonable may be different, but if you like my photography give me a call and talk to me about what you want.

A typical wedding for me looks like this: 
 - Engagement shoot.  ½ day of travel and shooting, followed by ½ day of editing. 
 - Wedding day.  A long day of travel + shooting, followed by 2 days of editing. 
(editing is *not* photoshopping, it's tweaking colours and stuff to make everything look as good as it can)

I use top quality Canon equipment and have backups for *everything*.  It's all insured for professional use so if something breaks the day before, I can buy new without worring about it, and I have full public liability insurance. 

I deliver you an online gallery of full size, fully edited prints.  About 100 - 150 from an engagement shoot and anything from 500 - 750 for the wedding day. Sometimes more, sometimes less but I'll make sure I do everything I can to get great pics of everyone and all the key moments. 

For the above, I charge 1,300 pounds, plus travel.  If there are bits you don't want, let me know and I'll adjust the price accordingly.  If there are extras you want (albums, prints, travel to Mauritius...) then I'll do it at cost or provide you the files to send to the printers, I want to be fair. 

Contact me through here, Facebook or just give me a call to discuss.
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